Josh Shapiro (endorsed)

Throughout his career in public service, Josh Shapiro has taken on the big fights, solved problems, and delivered results for the people of Pennsylvania.


Lt. Governor

Austin Davis (endorsed)

Davis, who would be the state’s first Black lieutenant governor if elected, says his working-class upbringing and diverse background make him an ideal choice to round out the ticket with Shapiro. “I have always believed that the people closest to the pain should be closest to the power,” he said in his campaign launch.


Brian Sims

“After 10 years in the State House, I’ve taken the lessons that my parents taught me and reinforced them in my work as a legislator: to take responsibility, commit to service, be courageous, and push for fairness.” Sims is now the first openly gay person to run for executive office in Pennsylvania.



John Fetterman

John doesn’t look like a typical politician, and more importantly, he doesn’t act like one. He supported legalizing marijuana before it was popular, officiated a same-sex marriage before it was legal, and pushed for single payer healthcare long before it was mainstream. The issues John is running on now are the same issues he’s been working on for the last two decades.

Malcolm Kenyatta

As we face a crossroads, Malcolm Kenyatta is ready to be a voice for working families in the US Senate. He knows what it’s like to see eviction notices and work a minimum wage job—and knows firsthand the pain that Washington’s failures have inflicted on Pennsylvania. Malcolm won’t just talk about justice—he’ll make it real.

Conor Lamb

I want our democracy to work more than they want it to fail. Congressman Conor Lamb is a Marine and a former federal prosecutor whose priorities include protecting and expanding Medicare and Social Security, raising the minimum wage to $15, cutting prescription drug prices, creating and protecting jobs and strengthening unions.

US House PA 6th District

Chrissy Houlahan (incumbent) (endorsed)

First woman ever to be elected to Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District and the first Democrat in 160 years. In Congress, serves on the House Armed Services Committee, the House Small Business Committee, and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.