About Us

The Willistown-Malvern Democrats is the official local democratic party organization for democrats living in Malvern Borough and Willistown Township of Chester County, Pennsylvania. We work to build the local democratic party base and help democrats get elected to local, state, and national offices. We coordinate with the Chester County Democratic Committee as well as campaigns at state and federal levels.

Each precinct is represented by committee people whose job it is to try and get out the democratic vote in their area, organize volunteer efforts, and to work the polls on Election Day. If you have questions about voting, precincts, candidates, or anything else, your committee person wants to hear from you. Please see below for contact information. Links to elected officials and democratic party organizations can be foundĀ here.

Zone Leaders: Denise Vanvalkenburgh and Betsy Allinson

Committee People (listed by polling place)

First Baptist Church of Malvern (Malvern Borough 350)
Shelly Georgopulous
Tom Buglio

The Phelps School (Willistown-N1 770)
Caitrin Carickhoff
Rich Chasinoff

Sugartown Elementary School
Pam Costanzi (Willistown-S1 800)
Karl Hawkins (Willistown-N2 775)
Ashley Christakis (Willistown-N2 775)

Church of the Good Samaritan (Willistown-N4 785)
Caroline Bradley
Frank Toner

General Wayne Elementary School
Betsy Allinson (Willistown-N5 790)
Liz Millard (Willistown-N3 780)
Cynthia Sherbin (Willistown-N3 780)

Green Meadows Rehabilitation & Nursing Center (Willistown-N6 795)
Kim MacGuinness
Susan Peterman

Willistown Friends Meeting (Willistown-S2 805)
Sandi Richards
Amy Brady

Willistown United Methodist Church (Willistown-S3 806)
Cathy Blaustein
Marie Kania