Great Valley School Board

David Barratt

GVSD REGION 2 (East Whiteland/Malvern Borough)

Dave Barratt (incumbent)

Serving on the school board for the last 12 years has given me the experience to handle all of the challenges facing Great Valley. I bring a balanced approach to the board, assuring opposing views are heard and weighed in the decisions the board makes. As we continue down the path of building a new school building, my experiences will help assure an on-time and under-budget project. I look forward to ensuring the students of Great Valley continue to be challenged and the programs we offer adapt to the changing times.


Tricia Bliven Chasinoff

 GVSD REGION 3 (Willistown Township)

Tricia Bliven-Chasinoff (endorsed)

I have a long history of working with school administrators, teachers, and staff in support of student success. As a dedicated and experienced advocate for equality in education, I want to be a voice for all students and families, particularly for those who are vulnerable and/or underrepresented. It is important that, whenever possible, board decisions follow evidence-based best practices, and in doing so, it is important to facilitate clear and effective communication between the district and teachers, students, families, and the community. I am an experienced navigator of complex issues and am able to consider multiple and often competing perspectives.

Evidence-Based:  As a scientist, Tricia has the educational and professional background to understand the complex issues currently facing public schools. She believes that decisions regarding schools should be nonpartisan and based on a clear understanding of data. As a result, Tricia has the support of both Democratic and Republican voters in Great Valley.

Experienced:  Tricia is a parent of GVSD students (a senior and a 2020 graduate). She has a long history of involvement with the school district and a proven track record of collaboration with teachers and administrators. Tricia’s background in developmental neuroscience provides her with a strong understanding of the developmental needs of students.

Committed: Tricia is passionate about equality in education. As a published author, she has written and spoken about the importance of addressing the needs of students with unique developmental and mental health needs. As a community member, Tricia has been an outspoken advocate for diversity and inclusion, both in our schools and in our community at large.

Malvern Borough

Zeyn Uzman

Malvern Borough Mayor

Zeyn Uzman (endorsed)

Zeyn Uzman is a professional structural engineer and an adjunct professor at Villanova University. He served on Borough Council for eight years and is currently a member of the Historical Commission. He is a King Street business owner who faithfully supports community events and organizations.

Broad Experience: Zeyn served eight years on Borough Council, giving him valuable institutional knowledge.  He was a member of both the Public Works and Finance & Administration committees, providing expertise on everything from budgeting to road and sewer repairs.  He also brings broad experience as a professional structural engineer, a member of the Historical Commission, and a business owner.

Effective Leadership: The Mayor is responsible for public safety, and his or her primary duty is to supervise the police department.  On Borough Council, Zeyn worked to preserve and improve Malvern’s police force.  As Mayor, he will provide the support and oversight our department needs to continue being a model of effective, community-oriented policing.

Community Spirit: As a long-time resident and business owner, Zeyn is proud to support our community, faithfully contributing to our festivals, library, and community projects.  He is always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to residents, focusing on practical solutions and ensuring that we preserve Malvern’s charm.

I believe Zeyn brings a lot to the table because of his civic and professional backgrounds.”  – Dave Burton, Malvern Mayor 2014-2021

Amy Finkbiner

Borough Council

Amy Finkbiner, PhD (incumbent, endorsed)

Amy is a mathematician and software engineer known for solving tough problems. She is the current President of Borough Council and served on the Planning Commission for six years. She and her husband feel fortunate to be raising their Great Valley kindergartner in Malvern.

Trusted: Elected to Borough Council four years ago with strong bipartisan support, Amy is recognized for being fair-minded, transparent, and consistent. As Council President for the past two years, she welcomes all points of view on any topic.

Experienced: Amy is a current member of the Finance & Administration, Public Works, and Comprehensive Plan committees, and previously served as Vice Chair of the Planning Commission. Her proudest accomplishments include strengthening our land use ordinances, avoiding tax increases, and improving access to Borough meetings and information.

Forward-Looking: Amy is running for re-election to continue helping our community thrive as we rise to meet future challenges, especially the health of our commercial corridor and environmental resources.

Marty Laney

Borough Council

Marty Laney (incumbent, endorsed)

Marty Laney is a retired nurse administrator with extensive healthcare and management experience. She is a current member of Borough Council, where she chairs the Finance & Administration Committee. She has lived in Malvern for 25 years and is president of her homeowners association.

Experienced Manager: When Marty was elected to Borough Council four years ago,
she promised to use her experience in nursing administration to manage taxpayer dollars wisely.  She has fulfilled that promise as Chair of the Finance & Administration Committee and as a member of the team that negotiated the new police contract.

Effective Leader: Marty is proud of the Borough’s accomplishments over the past four years, including hiring our first female full-time police officer, establishing an Environmental Advisory Council, winning numerous grants, and improving pedestrian and traffic safety.

Healthcare Professional: Marty is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing and has a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  Her unique expertise has helped Malvern navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  She advocates for safeguarding public health on issues like emergency preparedness, the opioid epidemic, and health of our seniors.

“As a nurse, I never had to worry if what I did had meaning. There is no greater joy than to be of service to others.  I love Malvern and I want to do my part to, paraphrasing E.E. Cummings, ‘Honor the past and welcome the future.’”  -- Marty

Angela Riccetti

Borough Council

Angela Riccetti (endorsed)

Angela Riccetti is a service industry professional and entrepreneur who understands the struggles of our small business community.  She currently serves on the Borough Parks & Recreation Committee and loves working on restorations to her historic Malvern home.

Small Business Professional: Angela has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years, and she understands the struggles of our neighborhood businesses.  She supports a vibrant downtown and a diverse and inclusive borough.

Preservation Advocate: Preservation of our outdoor spaces is Angela’s primary focus on the Parks & Recreation Committee.  She is also passionate about maintaining her historic home’s unique character.  As a member of Borough Council, Angela will prioritize finding a balance between economic development and maintaining Malvern’s charm.

Problem Solver:  Through her years of managerial experience, Angela has developed strong interpersonal skills and the ability to resolve complex challenges.  She is committed to listening to and serving all the varied viewpoints of our residents.

Willistown Township

Molly Perrin


Molly Perrin (endorsed)

Molly is an attorney with over 20 years working for local companies and law firms. Known for gaining consensus and enacting change, Molly’s 30+ years of volunteering has shaped her personality; she believes in fairness, transparency and a voice for all residents. Molly currently serves on the Willistown Planning Commission and is the former chair of the Recycling Commission (now Environmental Advisory Council).


Qualified: Responsiveness and transparency are essential in local government. Our current BOS makes decisions without explaining the rationale in the meeting minutes or responding to inquiries. The sewer sale is a glaring example of their indifference to residents’ concerns. How many people have to complain about their calls to the township manager and supervisors being ignored and their emails unanswered? Residents deserve better. Molly is committed to using her experience and background to be responsive and transparent and available, and she will be ready to do this on day one.

Invested: Molly’s family has lived in Willistown for 17+ years and her extended family also lives here and in Malvern Borough. Watching the township landscape change, the need for proactive planning has never been clearer. The current administration has ignored the significant stormwater challenges and the voices of residents asking for help. Molly will prioritize the needs of the residents.

Susan Russo


Susan M Rosso (endorsed)

Susan and her husband, Willistown residents for 28 years and counting, are glad they could raise their family here and educate their children in Great Valley schools. Susan has been a local businessowner, and as a longtime community volunteer, her leadership skills have been of great benefit. Environmental matters are very important to her, as is listening to and advocating for residents.

Passionate: Susan treasures the beauty of Willistown. She believes the township needs to balance growth with land preservation.

Practical: Stormwater management, partnered with climate-change preparedness, must be a high priority for the township.

Fair: Regarding the sale of the sewer system to a large for-profit corporation, it’s imperative that there is a balanced and just distribution of the proceeds to the rate payers

Ken Flinchbaugh

Tax Collector

Ken Flinchbaugh (endorsed)

I've lived in the township for the last 16 years and would like to make a contribution to the community.


Liz Tankel


Liz Tankel (endorsed)

We love Willistown! My family and I love it so much here that my husband commuted to Manhattan daily by train for about 20 years so that we did not have to move. My oldest son even bought a house on my street. This town is an integral part of our family and we are happy to call it home.


Experience: I have experience serving on Willistown's Environmental Advisory Committee.

Desire to Lead: I want to be a part of Willistown's leadership to ensure that the township works smoothly and efficiently for citizens.

Motivation: I am running because I love our township and I want to help it continue to be the best place to live.

Magisterial District Court 15-1-02

Mackenzie Smith

Magisterial District Judge

Mackenzie W Smith (endorsed)

I believe there are precious few places in our country where the law and facts still matter and where each person is treated with equal dignity before the law. My courtroom will be one of those places where every person — regardless of their station in life — leaves feeling the judge was impartial, carefully considered all aspects of the case, and truly gave them a chance to be heard.

Electing impartial judges with broad legal experience and an ability to relate to people from various backgrounds is good public policy.


*The Willistown-Malvern Democrats wishes all candidates to have a fair chance to make their case for election. Before each primary election, posting of information on this web site or other Willistown-Malvern Democratic social media sites does not imply endorsement, support, or approval of any candidate. We do, though, indicate candidates’ status with regard to incumbency or endorsement by the Willistown-Malvern Dems, the Chester County Democrats or the PA Democratic Party. Candidates for each office are listed in alphabetical order by last name, except endorsed and incumbent candidates, who are listed first in their section. We are grateful to all who, by running for office, strengthen the process on which American democracy depends.